Lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be.

—Hamlet, Shakespeare (via allmymetaphors)

I have yet to see a single person focusing a month on a single subject and trying to refine all necessities for it while abandoning any distractions. I have yet to see a single person who achieved more than three months of progress in a year.
Being able to practice consistently efficiently is pretty much a superhuman skill.



When Alexander the Great died,
he left instructions that his body be carried
with his bare and empty hands exposed to the public.
To tell the world that even the great Alexander
could not take anything with him.

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If you choose freedom, life will become magical. The life you’ll step into is one in which the Self is in hidden agreement with your humanness. The Self begins to harmonize with your life, and it may proceed in a way that you could never have predicted. The magical part is that the more you let go, the better it feels. The more you step into insecurity, the more you notice how secure and safe it is. Where you just stepped out of was unsafe. Everyone is so miserable because they seek security in things that are limited and always moving and changing unpredictably.

—Adyashanti (via astraeia)

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To all situations where the boundaries
between life and death are blurred,
remember: Life is the one that eats.

—Angela Patten, from “Happiness: The Feeling of Increasing,” Michigan Quarterly Review (Winter 2002)

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